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Protect Scars From Permanent Discoloration

*Skin Cancer Protection For Sensitive Skin*

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During healing, it is critical to protect scars from sun exposure. Even modest exposure can permanently discolor them.

While everyone thinks of sun protection at the beach, shopping, playing sports outside, walking down the street and even sitting by a window will discolor scars that are not protected by layers of clothing.

Normal sunscreens are not designed to be compatible with scar treatment. Solarguard has been specially engineered to be compatible with scar treatments and for use on super-sensitive skin. It provides strong UVA/UVB protection, known to *help protect against skin cancer* as well as protecting against discoloration of healing scars.


WHENEVER Scars Aren't Covered
AND ALSO At The Beach!

*UVA/UBB broad spectrum technology helps protect against skin cancer
when used as directed and other steps are taken.*

Jumbo Size $19.99       Purse-Size $12.95

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Free Shipping in the United States

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