What happens
when we get stitches?

When the skin is broken, either from surgery or an injury, it is often repaired by sewing it back together. The body then takes over and makes collagen to permanently cement it closed. Collagen is what makes the scar. Sometimes our body makes way too much, leading to a very unsightly scar.

How can Scarguard’s scar repair liquid help with your stitches and surgery?

Scarguard helps your healing skin cells make a natural enzyme called collagenase. This melts the extra collagen. In an independent published study done by a dermatologist, people achieved 75% less scar tissue at the end of three months when they used Scarguard starting when the wound close over. This is a huge difference over not treating it at all!

How to use Scarguard’s scar repair
liquid for your stitches and surgery.

Step 1

Wait until all stitches are out and the wound has closed then begin using Scarguard.

Step 2

Twice a day, make sure the scar is clean and dry, and simply paint Scarguard on. There is a cleanser in Scarguard that will smell like the antiseptic in a doctors office. This will disappear in about 10 seconds leaving it odorless and invisible.

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Step 3

For it to remain nearly invisible, remove the old layer by touching a piece of tape to it and gently lifting it off. If this is irritating, or alternatively, just if you choose to, you can simply paint the new layer over the old one. It will replenish the ingredients. The only reason to remove it first is to keep it as invisible as possible.

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About Stitches
& Surgery Scars

Will Scarguard work on old scars?

Yes, if the scar is thick and raised, Scarguard will help shrink it.

What if my scar is dark in color?

Then you need Scarguard Lightening Serum. This is a color corrector.

What if my scar is both raised and darkened?

Then you should use both Scarguard and Lightning Serum. First use the lightener and gently rub it in until it completely disappears. Then, apply the Scarguard. Do this twice daily.

Should I use Scarguard instead of a bandage?

Never apply Scarguard until the wound is closed and all stitches are out.

What about sun exposure?

It is very important to protect healing scars from the sun for the first six months after the injury. Solarguard is a unique product design to work along with Scarguard to provide this protection. Remember, you don't have to be at the beach to be tanning.