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Plastic Surgeons Use Scarguard To Make Their Work Look Better

Products that work!
Scar Repair Liquid
Lightening Serum
Solarguard Sun Protection


How Scarguard Works

New Scars: Scarguard fights new scar formation by helping your skin produce collagenase- a natural scar-melting enzyme.¹

Old Scars: If an old scar is raised or thick, melting collagen is the key to success. Scarguard has been proven to help melt the extra collagen and shrink old scars too.²

Plastic surgeons are all about skin that looks great. Their scar treatments MUST WORK!

Johnson & Johnson’s Plastic Surgery division, Mentor, picked Scarguard products as THE ONLY scar products for them to sell to plastic surgeons to make their work look better. 

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Real Scar Treatment For Real Life

Finally, a brush-on, disappearing liquid that fits right into your skincare routine.

Nearly invisible,
It can even be used
under makeup!

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