For Scar

Prevent new scars or shrink old ones
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For Skin

Improves under eye circles, age spots & Melasma
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For Bruise

Prevent or fade after surgery or ejections
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For Sun

Healing scars & other sensitive skin
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An independent clinical study showed 75%
improved scar appearance when Scarguard
repair liquid was used during scar healing!

Prevent Scars
After Surgery or

Johnson & Johnson’s Plastic Surgery division, Mentor Corp. picked Scarguard as THE ONLY scar product to sell to plastic surgeons to make their work look better. Clinical trials proved it WORKS.

Dark Under Eye
Circles, Freckles
& Age Spots

An amazing multi-technology, medical, homeopathic and naturopathic disappearing serum to fade skin discoloration without interfering with scar treatment or makeup.

Fade or Prevent
Botox & Surgery

Don’t just wait for bruising to go away. Take this multi-technology bruise treatment before injections or to fade bruising quickly if it has already occurred.

Scars From Discoloration

Normal sunscreens are not designed to be compatible with scar treatment. Solarguard has been specially engineered to be compatible with scar treatments and for use on super-sensitive skin.