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Lightening Serum

Lightening Serum is a unique formulation of an allopathic lightener, allopathic brighteners & homeopathic melanin suppressors all working together to fade hyper-pigmented skin.  

Clinically proven to fade darkened scars, age spots, under-eye circles, liver spots and freckles. 

Lightening Serum is perfectly formulated to be used with Scarguard Scar Repair Liquid as a complete scar clearing regimen. The Lightening Serum should be applied first. It will dry completely in about 30 seconds, allowing Scar Repair Liquid  and/or makeup to be used as well. 

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Create A Regimen

Apply Lightening Serum to darkened scars, dark spots, freckles, age spots, or under-eye circles. Scar Repair Liquid can be applied once the serum disappears into the skin. Finish by spraying on Solarguard to protect healing skin from sun damage.