What are
under-eye circles?

Under eye circles can be from three things. Brown pigmentation, shadows from eyelid bagging or blood vessels under the skin. Each of... these three causes of under eye circles are treated differently. First, do you need to determine which type of under eye circles do you have. It is easy to tell what is causing your circles, simply by stretching the eyelid skin between your fingers... If the color stays when you stretch the skin between your fingers, you need to Look carefully at the color of your eyelid circles. If the color is blue, the color is from blood vessels and no creams will help. This type of eyelid circle is best treated with Lasers. If it is brownish, It is called yper pigmentation and Scarguard Lightening serum should work wonders. Your skin cells make a pigment called melanin. The amount of melanin in a person's skin determines their skin tone. Hyper pigmentation means that the area has made too much melanin, and does not blend in with the surrounding areas. Many things can cause hyperpigmentation, including excess sun exposure, sun damage, hormones, illnesses and trauma.

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What causes
eyelid circles?

Sun exposure, can cause your cells to produce more melanin. Melanin makes your skin darker.Hormones related to pregnancy can... increase melanin production in your skin. As you age, your skin becomes thinner with the natural loss of collagen and fat. In turn, your skin may look darker. Inflammatory diseases can make your skin swell and darken in certain spots. Oral contraceptives (birth control medications) are common culprits. Dark-skin patches can occur from related hormonal fluctuations.

How can Scarguard’s lightening serum help with your under-eye circles?

Scarguard lightning serum is a multi technology treatment. It helps fade the hyperpigmentation that has already occurred and stop additional discoloration from being deposited. Scarguard Lightning Serum is a revolutionary product, as it is a serum that completely disappears into the skin, leaving no surface residue whatsoever. Therefore it does not interfere with using make up or sunscreen once it has absorbed into the skin. This usually takes only a minute or so. Combination of homeopathic, naturopathic and medical treatments uniquely designed to work together.



How to use Scargaurd’s lightening serum for your under-eye circles.


Clean the area to remove any makeup or other creams.


Rub a small amount of lightning serum into the area until it completely disappears.


After approximately 15 minutes, make up or sunscreen can be applied to the area.


FAQ’s about under-eye circles.

Can I go out in the sun while using Lightening Serum?

Protection from the sun is an important part of treating hyper pigmentation. You can go out in the sun, but should wear sunscreen to both optimize the treatment and prevent recurrence. Don't forget, that sunscreens do not last all day. They should be reapplied every few hours.

Are dark circles ever related to medical problems?

If dark circles appear suddenly and worsen, you should see your doctor to make sure they are not related to an underlying medical problems making you retain water or changing the shape of your eye. Sometimes, eyelid circles are related to thyroid disease. While it is unusual for dark circles to be related to a serious medical problem, it is always wise to check with your doctor if something changes in your body.

Will my dark circles always be a problem that I have to treat?

In some people, treating the dark circles makes them go away forever. If they are related to your hormones, and women, they often reoccur until after menopause and then stop.

What about bleaching creams?

Eyelid circle bleaching creams containing only hydroquinone, known as bleaching creams, will often help but do not do anything to change the process. Multi technology treatment which helps with the underlying process is much more likely to be successful.

What if I have both eyelid bags and under-eye circles?

Having both eyelid bags and under eye circles is not uncommon. They are really separate problems though, and need to be addressed differently. The bags under the eyes are caused by extra fat. Only surgically removing this fat will help. This always helps the appearance of under eye circles because it gets rid of the shadowing. If there is pigmentation as well, this can be addressed with lightning serum, but some shadowing will remain.

What if the coloration of my under eye circles is blue or purple?

Blue or purple under eye circles are caused by blood vessels, and are helped by laser procedures.

Are eyelid circles genetic, and therefore inherited?

Eyelid circles and eyelid bagging are often seen running in families. However, there are many other causes related to lifestyle that can contribute to forming eyelid circles not seen in someone's parents. It is not uncommon to see begging and eyelid circles in young people from both fatigue and sun damage.It is also not uncommon to see them in young people without these contributing factors. The question is not whether they are genetic but how to treat them, given their specific clause in each individual.

Can island circles be a result of allergies?

In many people, allergies cause repeated swelling of the eyelids. This is especially visible because the eyelid skin is so thin. Usually, this type of eyelid circle is pink or red and goes away by itself. Repeated swelling however, can make hyper pigmentation occur. This can be treated with Scarguard Lightening serum very successfully.

Can medication caused this problem?

Yes, hyperpigmentation can be caused by several types of medications. Especially medication related to hormones in your body. If you are on a medication that you believe has caused newly forming hyper pigmentation, you should discuss it with your doctor. There may be alternatives that do not cause this problem.