Scarguard™ Repair Liquid


Scarguard Repair Liquid’s uniquely-designed scar treatment technology is in a class by itself.

Originally developed by a plastic surgeon to treat the toughest scars that come after surgery, it has now become the trusted solution to flatten raised or thickened scars arising from surgery, injuries, burns, accidents and even pimple scars.

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Scarguard™ Bruise Fader


Bruise Fader is a multi-technology 7-day oral dosing regimen designed to help the body fade bruising after surgery or injury.

Bruise Fader is a proprietary formulation that pays close attention to the route of administration. Some of the ingredients are taken sublingually or dissolve under the tongue and some are enteric coated which protects them from stomach acids so they can be released in the intestinal track optimizing the benefits of Bruise Fader ingredients.

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Scarguard™ Vitamin E Sheets


As life-changing having a baby can be, it is not without occasional drawbacks. If you’re a mother who gave birth through cesarean section, being left with a scar on your stomach can somehow damage your self-image. Scarguard Vitamin E Sheets are specially developed to treat C-Section and surgery scars.

The silicone scar sheet technology is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars both old and new—it’s tough enough on stubborn scars but gentle enough to be used by nursing mothers. This product has been used successfully by burn centers, hospitals, dermatologists and plastic surgeons for decades.

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Scarguard™ Lightening Serum


Scarguard Lightening Serum works to lighten existing dark, brown scars and diminish skin discolorations, such as under-eye circles, age spots liver spots, freckles or melasma, anywhere.

Scarguard Lightening Serum is used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists nationwide. Scarguard Lightening Serum is a fast-absorbing gel that disappears into the skin in just seconds leaving no surface residue. This phenomenal product works incredibly well on all skin types! It is clinically proven to lighten darkened skin discolorations.

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