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If you would like to take a few minutes to really learn about scars and how to treat them, watch this video by a plastic surgeon.


I used scar guard last year after a keloid scar started to form on my arm and itch. I applied it daily, and yes it worked! It stopped itching, and vanished faster than I expected! Was worth the purchase, so now after having surgery yesterday to remove a lipoma I know what will be going on next! I will get to see this beautiful scar in two days when the bandage comes off.
– Lorene Merriman, Pennsylvania

I received a sample of Scarguard™ and used it to treat an injury I received after burning myself with a flat iron. …I was impressed with Scarguard for many reasons. It is so simple and easy to use. There is no mess involved in the application, and once completely dried, it left a thin invisible film that was not easily rubbed off by my socks or stockings. I’m very happy with how my scar looked afterwards.
– Helen Troncoso (Ms. New York America 2012), New York, NY

I slipped on a boulder as I was hiking up in Laguna and needed to be stitched up by Dr. Solmer. Seven days later, I got the stitches removed and was told that Scarguard™ is the best post-surgery treatment. Since I got my stitches out so soon, and, to avoid scarring, I had to be careful not to stretch and reopen the wound.
– Samantha Kouyoumtjian, Huntington Beach, CA

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