Scarguard Repair Liquid

Less Scarring After Surgery and Injuries Melts Old Scars

The #1 Scar Treatment recommended by Top Plastic Surgeons - Clinically Proven in independent studies*



Dispensed by plastic surgeons to make their work look better for over 10 years, Scarguard has been proven to be safe and effective.

Scarguard is a brush-on liquid with a one-of-a-kind formula that effectively delivers cortisone, silicone and vitamin-e into the skin. It dries in seconds to form a flexible invisible nenopatch.

This unique combination of medication and silicone nenopatch activates the body's natural ability to produce collagenase, the enzyme that melts scar tissue.

No other scar treatment has this technology.

Scarguard helps prevent new scars after injury or surgery, and shrinks old scars.


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Scarguard Repair Liquid

Prevent scar overgrowth after surgery or injury. shrink old scars.

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