Our Company, Our Commitment

Our Company

Scarguard™ Labs is a subsidiary of Velius LLC, a US pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of scars and related skin conditions. Scarguard Labs has developed a large pipeline of OTC products that are sold in most major drugstores in North America and are also distributed by a major pharmaceutical company to Plastic Surgeons in the US and in Asia.

The company is guided by doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical biochemists with over 75 years of combined experience. Our products were developed by a plastic surgeon with a keen understanding of the most common problems and the latest advancements in medical biotechnology. The result is a scientifically-proven suite of products that have been widely recognized as effective by the medical community and the major retailers.

Scarguard products are manufactured in six locations across the United States and are available in doctors’ offices, directly from Scarguard, and most major retailers including Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, independent drug stores and many more nationwide.

Our Commitment

Scarguard™ Labs is committed to ongoing research and development to help people live more comfortable and confident lives. The following independent studies and clinical articles provide a good explanation of how scars are created and how they heal. They outline some of the latest advances in science and medical technology surrounding scars. In addition, these clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Scarguard MD resulting from our commitment to fielding products that work when you need them to.

Clinical Studies

The following provides four independent studies and clinical articles demonstrating the efficacy of Scarguard MD®.

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