Real People, Real Results

Helen Troncoso (Ms. New York America 2012) – New York, NY

I received a sample of Scarguard™ and used it to treat an injury I received after burning myself with a flat iron. My resulting scar was on the top of my foot, making it hard for traditional bandages to stay in place. I was impressed with Scarguard for many reasons. It is so simple and easy to use. There is no mess involved in the application, and once completely dried, it left a thin invisible film that was not easily rubbed off by my socks or stockings. I’m very happy with how my scar looked afterwards. It’s flatter and has faded, making it hardly noticeable from the naked eye. I definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a proven and effective treatment for their scars.

Samantha Kouyoumtjian – Huntington Beach, CA

I slipped on a boulder as I was hiking up in Laguna and needed to be stitched up by Dr. Solmer. Seven days later, I got the stitches removed and was told that Scarguard™ is the best post-surgery treatment. Since I got my stitches out so soon, and, to avoid scarring, I had to be careful not to stretch and reopen the wound. I was actually surprised how well it worked and continues to work. It hasn’t been a month and no one notices the scar until I show them. I especially like that it dries almost like a clear, fake skin over your skin. Being that it’s right at the middle of my face, I was, and still am worried about it showing, so the fact that makeup goes right over it smoothly is great. Needless to say, I am more then happy with the results.

Rachele Hartmann – Chicago area, IL

I purchased Scarguard™ from Target after my cosmetic surgeon recommended it to me for the scars that I had gotten from a recent plastic surgery. I use Scarguard one to two times a day to ensure successful healing of my scars. Scarguard is simple to use and it takes very little time to apply it. It requires no hassle and it is not messy to use. In the couple of weeks of using Scarguard, I have begun to notice that previously rough scars are smoothing out and the dark red color of the scars is beginning to fade. No other scar care product has helped to heal my scars as immensely in such a short amount of time in which Scarguard has for me. I am so glad that my doctor recommended it to me!

Lorene Merriman – Pennsylvania

I used scar guard last year after a keloid scar started to form on my arm and itch. I applied it daily, and yes it worked! It stopped itching, and vanished faster than I expected! Was worth the purchase, so now after having surgery yesterday to remove a lipoma I know what will be going on next! I will get to see this beautiful scar in two days when the bandage comes off. When I’m allowed, I’ll be applying scar guard right away and will send you progress pics! Scars aren’t pretty but won’t keep me from being me! Thanks Scarguard™!