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Simply Stacie

I wish I had known about Scarguard last year! I had a minor surgery and had stitches to close up the wound. I took care of the wound as my doctor instructed. When the doctor removed the stitches, he said it was healing nicely. And it was. It looked like the scar would be barely noticeable. Then something happened. Over the next week, the scar started getting itchy and had a pimple develop over top of it. It started changing. It grew into a thick, raised scar and looked terrible.

I saw my doctor about a month later and showed him the scar. He said that happens sometimes during the healing process. I found out that I had developed a hypertrophic scar. I figured I’d just have to live with it and hoped that it would shrink and get less red over time.

I only recently learned about Scarguard MD, a trusted scar treatment product that was developed by a plastic surgeon named Dr. Joel Studin. Scarguard is the #1 scar treatment recommended by plastic surgeons. It can be used on injury, facial, burn and surgical scars.

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