It’s important to understand and identify the type of scar you have so it can be treated properly.

Old raised scars can be treated and made to look better no matter how long you have had the scar! When scars are raised and thick you can use Scarguard MD™ or ScarSheet MD to improve the appearance.
Raised scars occur when the body over-produces collagen to fill in the gap caused by injury or surgery. Most are called hypertrophic scars where excess collagen has created a raised bump above the skin.

Sometimes a hypertrophic scar can grow into a keloid which is a condition where the collagen has grown outside the original wound area. Keloids are harmless but can be itchy or painful for some individuals.

Raised or hypertrophic scars and keloids can be treated with Scarguard MD and ScarSheet MD. Both products are designed to flatten and shrink raised scars.