Know the type of scar you have, so it can be treated properly.

Flat scars will not benefit from further treatment with scar management products as there is no excess collagen, But lighteners can help.

If a scar has turned brown, use our Scarguard™ Lightening Serum. It combines multiple technologies for lightening dark skin discolorations.

Scarguard™ Lightening Serum  is an amazing product. A serum, it completely absorbs into the skin, leaving no surface residue. Therefore, it can be used along with Scar Repair Liquid if a scar is dark and raised. Also, it is great for under eye circles, age spots, liver spots and freckles.

NOTE: if the scar was normal in color and darkened suddenly after months or years, you should see a dermatologist.

A new scar tends to be red or pink during the healing process. These will diminish over time. If the redness persists over time we recommend you seeing a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for advice about possible laser treatment.

If a scar is white which is due to lack of pigmentation in the collagen that makes up the scar itself, again we recommend you see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist for help.