A bruise, also known as a black and blue mark, is fairly common after surgery, injury and injections.

If you are having a cosmetic injection like Botox Cosmetic®, Juvederm™,  Restylane®, Dysport®, or Volume®, it’s because you want to look better. These medicines do not cause bruising themselves, however the needle used to place them can. If you are having one of these procedures,It is certainly very disappointing if you come out black and blue.

Bruise Fader, either started the day before the procedure or after a black and blue mark appears, will help your body dissolve the bruise as quickly and efficiently as possible. Used by plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide, this technology is the most advanced available today.


What Causes Bruising?

Bruising is usually caused by a minor contusion or injury.

Bruising is the result of blood leaking out of the blood vessels into the tissues of the skin, mucus membranes or other organs, including muscles and bones.

Bruising Due to Injury

Bruising is often caused by everyday injuries including:

  • Blunt force, such as a blow to the face
  • Falling or bumping into an object
  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Sports injury
  • Household injuries
  • Aging skin
  • Female gender (women tend to bruise more easily than men)

Scarguard Bruise Fader is a multi-technology regimen to use when you have bruising or swelling after surgery or injury. It contains known ingredients that have been recommended worldwide for generations to fade and reduce bruising.


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